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SubjectRe: randconfig build error with next-20150303, in drivers/bcma/driver_pcie2.c
Jim Davis <> writes:

>>> However, that commit is in next-20150304 and we still get the error
>>> (see, for example,
>> I applied few fixes from Rafal and Chen:
>> 1ca2760fb2c1 bcma: prepare Kconfig symbol for PCI driver
>> 0a4e699a41f7 bcma: move internal function declarations to private header
>> c32ec2a11321 bcma: make bcma_host_pci_(up|down) calls safe for every config
>> b09f5ec18b16 bcma: Kconfig: Let it depend on PCI
>> It would be great if someone could report if the build errors are gone
>> now.
> I reran that configuration file on
> wireless-drivers-next-for-davem-2015-02-07-9274-g1ca2760fb2c13, with
> no build errors.

Good, thanks for checking.

Kalle Valo

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