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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 0/3] staging: fsl-mc: Freescale Management Complex bus driver patch series

On 06.03.15 02:29, J. German Rivera wrote:
> This patch series introduces Linux support for the Freescale
> Management Complex (fsl-mc) hardware. This patch series is dependent
> on the patch series "ARM64: Add support for FSL's LS2085A SoC"
> (
> The fsl-mc is a hardware resource manager that manages specialized
> hardware objects used in network-oriented packet processing
> applications. After the fsl-mc block is enabled, pools of hardware
> resources are available, such as queues, buffer pools, I/O
> interfaces. These resources are building blocks that can be
> used to create functional hardware objects such as network
> interfaces, crypto accelerator instances, or L2 switches.
> All the fsl-mc managed hardware resources/objects are represented in
> a physical grouping mechanism called a 'container' or DPRC (data
> path resource container).
> From the point of view of an OS, a DPRC functions similar to a plug
> and play bus. Using fsl-mc commands software can enumerate the
> contents of the DPRC discovering the hardware objects present
> and binding them to drivers. Hardware objects can be created
> and removed dynamically, providing hot pluggability of the hardware
> objects.
> Software contexts interact with the fsl-mc by sending commands through
> a memory mapped hardware interface called an "MC portal". Every
> fsl-mc object type has a command set to manage the objects. Key
> DPRC commands include:
> -create/destroy a DPRC
> -enumerate objects and resource pools in the DPRC, including
> identifying mappable regions and the number of IRQs an object
> may have
> -IRQ configuration
> -move objects/resources between DPRCs
> -connecting objects (e.g. connecting a network interface to
> an L2 switch port)
> -reset

Acked-by: Alexander Graf <>


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