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SubjectRe: [PATCH] bcma: Kconfig: Let it depend on PCI
On 3/5/15 19:40, Kalle Valo wrote:
> Rafał Miłecki <> writes:
>> Kalle, I guess the recent discussion and work on this problem could be
>> confusing, so let me try to sum it up it a bit.
>> First of all, please note there are 3 awaiting bcma patches that
>> should be applied independently of what we decide to do with this
>> patch. They are of course inspired by the recent building problems.
>> List of these patches:
>> [PATCH next] bcma: make bcma_host_pci_(up|down) calls safe for every config
>> [PATCH next] bcma: move internal function declarations to private header
>> [PATCH next] bcma: prepare Kconfig symbol for PCI driver
>> Now, the building problem is obviously caused by me, my work on
>> driver_pcie2.c and using pcie_set_readrq there without making sure
>> that is PCI available. I'm sorry for that.
>> All 3 above patches are moving us toward the the most optimal solution
>> of this problem. Depending on PCI only when it's really required.
>> There is still one more change missing that I'm working on. It'll take
>> me about 2 more days to get the last patch.
>> On the other way, patch proposed by Chen fixes building problem right
>> now. It's much simpler but bumps bcma requirements a bit too high.
>> bcma doesn't really have to depend on PCI.
> Thanks for the good summary, it clarified things for me.
>> So you have 2 options there and I'll be happy with whatever you choose to do:
>> 1) Pick Chen patch now and in ~2 days apply my final fix + revert Chen
>> patch.
> I'll prefer this option so that we can quickly solve the build problem.
> Also once your final fix is ready, please remember that you need to
> revert Chen's patch within the same patch.

Thank you for all of your work. In honest, I am not quite familiar with
the details, my patch is applied only says that "I am lucky enough".

Chen Gang

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