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SubjectRe: Linux XIA - merge proposal
Michel Machado wrote:

> Hi there,
> We have been developing Linux XIA, a new network stack that
> emphasizes evolvability and interoperability, for a couple of years, and
> it has now reached a degree of maturity that allows others to experiment
> with it.

From looking at your wiki, "network stack" may have been a poor choice of
term - it looks like rather than being a new network stack (which in Linux,
is commonly used to refer to the software stack that lives between the APIs
and the hardware), this is a new protocol (and framework _for_ protocols)
operating at the same level of the network as IP, with ideas extending
upwards through TCP.

Now, that's a rather different proposal - witness that RDS, TIPC, etc all
made it into the kernel relatively easily, especially when compared to
netmap, or any other system that tried to replace the Linux networking

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