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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] phy: omap-control: Remove unneeded ifdef CONFIG_OF guard and of_match_ptr
2015-03-05 18:48 GMT+08:00 Roger Quadros <>:
> Hi Alex,
It's Axel.

> Since we're anyways going to fail probe for !CONFIG_OF, why do you want to
> add the unnecessary device table to the kernel?
> what are you benefiting from this change?

If the driver works for both dt case and non-dt case, using the ifdef CONFIG_OF
guard can save a few memory for non-dt case.
For dt-only driver it is not required because you cannot use the driver
if !CONFIG_OF. Which means you should not build this driver at all if !CONFIG_OF
unless you just want to do compile test.


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