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SubjectRe: [PATCH V8 00/10] USB: f81232: V8 patches

Peter Hung 於 2015/2/26 下午 06:02 寫道:
> This series patch V8 is changed from V7 as following:
> 1. The V7 MSR strange delta value is checked with locking problem. We changed
> f81232_set_mctrl() & f81232_read_msr() lock mechanism, the old version is
> only locked with variable protection, new version will lock from start to
> end with these 2 function.
> 2. f81232_set_baudrate() add error handling and no longer handle with baudrate
> B0, change to handle with f81232_set_termios()
> 3. When user set baudrate larger then 115200, we will change it with 115200
> and tty_encode_baud_rate() in f81232_set_termios().
> 4. V7 f81232_set_baudrate() divisor declared with type u8, it will make
> baudrate set failed with smaller then B600 (115200/300=384 overflow :Q).
> We changed it with integer type for divisor larger then 256.

Did you received the series of F81232 V8 patches ? Please tell me if
not received.

Thanks for your review.

With Best Regards,
Peter Hung

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