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SubjectRe: [PATCH] video: ARM CLCD: Added dt support to set tim2 register
On Wed, 2015-03-04 at 00:37 +0000, Arun Ramamurthy wrote:
> > That way you're precisely describing the way the hardware is wired up.
> > And the driver simply tries to get clcdclk first, if it's defined -
> > cool, set clksel to 1, if not - try hclk and set clksel to 0. If neither
> > of them is present - bail out.
> >
> > Does this make any sense?
> >
> This makes sense to me, thank you for the suggestions. I will fix it all
> up in V2

Cool. Just a word of comment to my own words ;-) The "bail out" case was
a bad idea - the non-DT use cases more likely than not will have no
clock name defined. So, to maintain backward compatibility, the driver
will still have to work when no named clock is available. I think the
simplest way to do that is to check if "hclk" is available, and use it
if it is (setting the clksel accordingly). Otherwise - proceed as it was
the case previously.


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