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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] ARM: exynos_defconfig: Disable IOMMU support

On 2015-03-03 21:36, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Javier Martinez Canillas <> writes:
>> Enabling Exynos DRM IOMMU support for Exynos is currently broken and
>> causes a BUG on exynos-iommu driver. This was not an issue since the
>> options was disabled in exynos_defconfig but after commit 8dcc14f82f06
>> ("drm/exynos: IOMMU support should not be selectable by user"), it is
>> selected if EXYNOS_IOMMU is enabled which is in exynos_defconfig.
>> So a kernel built using exynos_defconfig after the mentioned commit
>> fails to boot [0]. Disable IOMMU support in Exynos defconfig until
>> things get sorted out.
> So some other exynos boards started failing in next-20150303[1], and
> appear are DRM failures.
> Interestingly, (re)enabling CONFIG_EXYNOS_IOMMU for these cause things to
> work again. Even more intersting, with IOMMU enabled, peach-pi is
> I'm starting to think it's the DRM driver that needs to be disabled
> until it actually gets some testing, rathre than disabling IOMMU.

Well, this only shows that broken patch has been merged to exynos-drm-next
kernel tree. I think that we should keep Exynos DRM enabled and give Exynos
DRM developers a chance to fix their stuff and then test their stuff.

Best regards
Marek Szyprowski, PhD
Samsung R&D Institute Poland

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