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Subject[PATCH] rnndb: Prepare for more interfaces support (WB, DSI)
More interfaces are soon coming into picture; rework the
interface type a bit in order to make the code more clear.
Ping Pong interrupts are not directly linked to an interface number.
This change removes the INTFn prefix for Ping Pong interrupts.
Also rename some fields linked to WB paths.

Signed-off-by: Stephane Viau <>
rnndb/mdp/mdp5.xml | 67 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------
1 file changed, 33 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

diff --git a/rnndb/mdp/mdp5.xml b/rnndb/mdp/mdp5.xml
index 3c199a1..4d9781c 100644
--- a/rnndb/mdp/mdp5.xml
+++ b/rnndb/mdp/mdp5.xml
@@ -11,11 +11,15 @@ xsi:schemaLocation=" rules-ng.xsd">

<domain name="MDP5" width="32">

- <enum name="mdp5_intf">
+ <enum name="mdp5_intf_type">
+ <value name="INTF_DISABLED" value="0x0"/>
<value name="INTF_DSI" value="0x1"/>
<value name="INTF_HDMI" value="0x3"/>
<value name="INTF_LCDC" value="0x5"/>
<value name="INTF_eDP" value="0x9"/>
+ <value name="INTF_VIRTUAL" value="0x64"/>
+ <!-- non-display interfaces are listed below: -->
+ <value name="INTF_WB" value="0x65"/>

<enum name="mdp5_intfnum">
@@ -44,11 +48,11 @@ xsi:schemaLocation=" rules-ng.xsd">

<enum name="mdp5_ctl_mode">
<value name="MODE_NONE" value="0"/>
- <value name="MODE_ROT0" value="1"/>
- <value name="MODE_ROT1" value="2"/>
- <value name="MODE_WB0" value="3"/>
- <value name="MODE_WB1" value="4"/>
- <value name="MODE_WFD" value="5"/>
+ <value name="MODE_WB_0_BLOCK" value="1"/>
+ <value name="MODE_WB_1_BLOCK" value="2"/>
+ <value name="MODE_WB_0_LINE" value="3"/>
+ <value name="MODE_WB_1_LINE" value="4"/>
+ <value name="MODE_WB_2_LINE" value="5"/>

<enum name="mdp5_pack_3d">
@@ -110,30 +114,25 @@ xsi:schemaLocation=" rules-ng.xsd">

<bitset name="MDP5_IRQ">
- <bitfield name="INTF0_WB_ROT_COMP" pos="0" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_WB_ROT_COMP" pos="1" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_WB_ROT_COMP" pos="2" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_WB_ROT_COMP" pos="3" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF0_WB_WFD" pos="4" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_WB_WFD" pos="5" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_WB_WFD" pos="6" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_WB_WFD" pos="7" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF0_PING_PONG_COMP" pos="8" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_PING_PONG_COMP" pos="9" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_PING_PONG_COMP" pos="10" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_PING_PONG_COMP" pos="11" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF0_PING_PONG_RD_PTR" pos="12" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_PING_PONG_RD_PTR" pos="13" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_PING_PONG_RD_PTR" pos="14" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_PING_PONG_RD_PTR" pos="15" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF0_PING_PONG_WR_PTR" pos="16" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_PING_PONG_WR_PTR" pos="17" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_PING_PONG_WR_PTR" pos="18" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_PING_PONG_WR_PTR" pos="19" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF0_PING_PONG_AUTO_REF" pos="20" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1_PING_PONG_AUTO_REF" pos="21" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2_PING_PONG_AUTO_REF" pos="22" type="boolean"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3_PING_PONG_AUTO_REF" pos="23" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="WB_0_DONE" pos="0" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="WB_1_DONE" pos="1" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="WB_2_DONE" pos="4" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_0_DONE" pos="8" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_1_DONE" pos="9" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_2_DONE" pos="10" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_3_DONE" pos="11" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_0_RD_PTR" pos="12" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_1_RD_PTR" pos="13" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_2_RD_PTR" pos="14" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_3_RD_PTR" pos="15" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_0_WR_PTR" pos="16" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_1_WR_PTR" pos="17" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_2_WR_PTR" pos="18" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_3_WR_PTR" pos="19" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_0_AUTO_REF" pos="20" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_1_AUTO_REF" pos="21" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_2_AUTO_REF" pos="22" type="boolean"/>
+ <bitfield name="PING_PONG_3_AUTO_REF" pos="23" type="boolean"/>
<bitfield name="INTF0_UNDER_RUN" pos="24" type="boolean"/>
<bitfield name="INTF0_VSYNC" pos="25" type="boolean"/>
<bitfield name="INTF1_UNDER_RUN" pos="26" type="boolean"/>
@@ -165,10 +164,10 @@ xsi:schemaLocation=" rules-ng.xsd">

<reg32 offset="0x00104" name="DISP_INTF_SEL">
- <bitfield name="INTF0" low="0" high="7" type="mdp5_intf"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF1" low="8" high="15" type="mdp5_intf"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF2" low="16" high="23" type="mdp5_intf"/>
- <bitfield name="INTF3" low="24" high="31" type="mdp5_intf"/>
+ <bitfield name="INTF0" low="0" high="7" type="mdp5_intf_type"/>
+ <bitfield name="INTF1" low="8" high="15" type="mdp5_intf_type"/>
+ <bitfield name="INTF2" low="16" high="23" type="mdp5_intf_type"/>
+ <bitfield name="INTF3" low="24" high="31" type="mdp5_intf_type"/>
<reg32 offset="0x00110" name="INTR_EN" type="MDP5_IRQ"/>
<reg32 offset="0x00114" name="INTR_STATUS" type="MDP5_IRQ"/>
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