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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 00/25] Generic BMIPS kernel
On 25/12/14 09:48, Kevin Cernekee wrote:
> V5->V6: Incorporate several fixes/enhancements from Jaedon Shin:
> - Fix register read/modify/write in RAC flush code.
> - Fix use of "SYS_HAS_CPU_BMIPS32_3300" Kconfig symbol.
> - Add base platform support for 7358 and 7362.
> The DTS files follow Andrew Bresticker's new per-vendor directory layout.
> This series applies on top of Linus' current head of tree.
> Patch 01 (Fix outdated use of mips_cpu_intc_init()) is REQUIRED for 3.19
> to fix a build failure seen in 3.19-rc. The other patches can
> be queued for 3.20 or later.

Jason, can you merge the irqchip patches through your tree? They still
apply cleanly to your irqchip/core branch as of today, except the last
one which has a small hunk to be fixed in drivers/irqchip/Makefile.


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