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Subject[PATCH RFC 0/2] x86/fpu: avoid "xstate_fault" in xsave_user/xrestore_user

Another a bit off-topic change, but I'd like to finish the discussion
with Quentin.

And almost cosmetic. But I added the RFC tag to make it clear that this
needs a review from someone who understands gcc-asm better. In particular
I am worried if that dummy "=m" (*buf) is actually correct.

And I agree with Quentin, user_insn/check_insn can be improved to allow
clobbers, more flexible "output", etc. But imo they already can make this
code look a bit better, and "xstate_fault" must die eventually.

Quentin, could you review? I can't find your last email about this change,
and I can't recall if you agree or not.


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