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SubjectRFC arch/sh/kernel/traps_64.c - unclear if/else construct

Hi !

scanning for if STATEMENT else STATEMENT triggered here - and it does look
like it needs a fix-up or at least some comments.

int hpux_sysfs(int opcode, unsigned long arg1, unsigned long arg2)
int fstype;
/* String could be altered by userspace after strlen_user() */
fsname[len - 1] = '\0';

printk(KERN_DEBUG "that is '%s' as (char *)\n", fsname);
if ( !strcmp(fsname, "hfs") ) {
fstype = 0;
} else {
fstype = 0;


printk(KERN_DEBUG "returning fstype=%d\n", fstype);
return fstype; /* something other than default */

The if-else here has no effect and the printk will not convey any information
as its always fstype==0, finally the return statement comment indicates that it
should not be the default...

Can't come up with a reasonable cleanup patch here - but this looks like it
needs a review.


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