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SubjectRe: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH v2 13/15] cpu-model/s390: Add processor property routines
On Fri, 20 Feb 2015 16:41:49 +0100
Andreas Färber <> wrote:

> Can't you just implement the class-level name-to-ObjectClass callback
> that other CPUs have grown for the above use case?

If it fulfills the requirements sure. Please point me to an example, sounds that
s390_select_cpu_model() is doing something similar to that, just that it hooks in
the s390_set_processor_props() call.

const char *s390_select_cpu_model(const char *model)
S390ProcessorProps proc;
const char *typename;
S390CPUClass *cc;

/* return already selected cpu typename */
typename = s390_cpu_typename();
if (typename) {
goto out;

/* return standard cpu typename when cpu models are unavailable */
typename = TYPE_S390_CPU;
if (!s390_cpu_classes_initialized() || !model) {
goto out;
cc = S390_CPU_CLASS(s390_cpu_class_by_name(model));
if (!cc) {
goto out;
proc.cpuid = cpuid(cc->proc);
proc.ibc = cc->proc->ibc;
memcpy(proc.fac_list, cc->fac_list, S390_ARCH_FAC_LIST_SIZE_BYTE);
if (s390_set_processor_props(&proc)) {
goto out;

/* return requested cpu typename in success case */
typename = object_class_get_name((ObjectClass *) cc);
selected_cpu_typename = typename;
trace_select_cpu_model(model, typename);
return typename;

> Also a general comment: cpu-model/ is not an existing directory nor one
> you add, so please use "target-s390x: Add foo to S390CPU" or so.

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