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    SubjectRe: IOMMU/DMA API inquiry
    Hi Joerg, Thanks for the response.

    On 02/18/2015 01:19 PM, >> Joerg Roedel wrote:
    > Hi Mark,
    > On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 02:48:03PM -0500, Mark Hounschell wrote:
    >> I understand that AMD IOMMU support is not available for 32-bit
    >> kernels. I believe the INTEL IOMMU is supported there. Not knowing
    >> why, I was curious if that is going to remain that way?
    > Yes, I have no plan on making the AMD IOMMU driver available on 32bit.
    > But I would not be resistant to patches enabling the driver there.

    OK. I might take a look. Should it not "just work" more or less?

    >> I've learned that the AMD IOMMU does not play well with the kernels
    >> "Contiguous Memory Allocator" (CMA). I also believe, but could be
    >> mistaken, that the INTEL IOMMU does. Again, not knowing why, I was
    >> curious if that is going to remain that way also?
    > No, I will queue a patch for the next merge window to enable CMA use in
    > the AMD IOMMU driver. So there will be support for this.

    Great! That's a couple of kernels away then. I would be happy to test
    if you have a need.

    >> Is the fact that the AMD IOMMU is not supported on 32 bit kernels
    >> the reason that dma_map_page always returns 0 on 32 bit kernels.
    > There is no particular reason for not supporting it on 32 bit kernels,
    > it just didn't seem to be important yet. At least not important enough
    > to justify the work.


    >> I've read the DMA-API-HOWTO.txt concerning dma_map_sg and at first I
    >> thought that maybe dma_map_sg could be used to get around the fact
    >> that AMD IOMMU doesn't work with CMA. But it looks as though I was
    >> mistaken and I would actually have to do a DMA for_each_sg(sglist,
    >> sg, count, i). Is that correct or can dma_map_sg somehow enable you
    >> to do a single DMA using a single address for the entire sglist?
    > The map_sg functions can't be used with the AMD IOMMU driver to work
    > around missing CMA support. Depending on what you want it might work
    > with the Intel IOMMU driver, as this one allocates a single IOVA region
    > for the entire sg_list.

    Thanks Joerg


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