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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: EXYNOS: Don't use LDREX and STREX after disabling cache coherency
On 02/16/15 05:36, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> During CPU shutdown the exynos_cpu_power_down() is called after
> disabling cache coherency and it uses LDREX and STREX instructions (by
> calling of_machine_is_compatible() -> kobject_get() -> kref_get()).
> The LDREX and STREX should not be used after disabling the cache
> coherency so just use soc_is_exynos().
> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kozlowski <>
> Fixes: adc548d77c22 ("ARM: EXYNOS: Use MCPM call-backs to support S2R on exynos5420")
> Cc: <>
> Reported-by: Stephen Boyd <>
> ---

Looks good to me.

Reviewed-by: Stephen Boyd <>

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