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Subject[GIT PULL] MFD fixes for v3.20
Changes to existing drivers:
- Repair platform device collision; da9052, wm8994-core
- Regmap configuration amendments; tps65218
- Fix runtime PM deadlock; rtsx_usb
- Remove unused/superfluous code; db8500-prcmu, omap-usb-host
- Enable watchdog timer; lpc_sch
- Add start/stop RX URBs helpers; dln2
- Remove platform device (DT only); max77686, max77802
- Support suspend and resume; dln2
- Add Device Tree support; da9063
- Supply extra error checking; intel_soc_pmic
- Constify all the things; 88pm860x, hi6421-pmic, intel_soc_pmic,
max77686, lm3533, retu, pcf50633,
davinci_voicecodec, smsc-ece1099,
tps65218, mc13xxx, tps65217, twl-core,
New drivers/supported devices:
- Supply new driver for Richtek RT5033
- Supply new driver for DA9150 Charger and FuelGauge
- Supply new driver for Qualcomm Resource Power Manager (RPM)
- Add support for the ir-clk into sun6i-prcm
- Add support for FuelGauge into axp20x

Lee Jones
Linaro STMicroelectronics Landing Team Lead │ Open source software for ARM SoCs
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