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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/9] livepatch: separate enabled and patched states
On 02/09/2015, 06:31 PM, Josh Poimboeuf wrote:
> Once we have a consistency model, patches and their objects will be
> enabled and disabled at different times. For example, when a patch is
> disabled, its loaded objects' funcs can remain registered with ftrace
> indefinitely until the unpatching operation is complete and they're no
> longer in use.
> It's less confusing if we give them different names: patches can be
> enabled or disabled; objects (and their funcs) can be patched or
> unpatched:
> - Enabled means that a patch is logically enabled (but not necessarily
> fully applied).
> - Patched means that an object's funcs are registered with ftrace and
> added to the klp_ops func stack.
> Also, since these states are binary, represent them with boolean-type
> variables instead of enums.

So please do so: we have bool/true/false.

suse labs

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