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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 2/2] spi: sun4i: Add support for wait time between word transmissions

2015-12-18 12:16 GMT+01:00 Maxime Ripard <>:

>> sun4i_spi_write(sspi, SUN4I_CLK_CTL_REG, reg);
>> + /*
>> + * Setup wait time between words.
>> + *
>> + * Wait time is set in SPI_CLK cycles. The SPI hardware needs 3
>> + * additional cycles to setup the wait counter, so the minimum delay
>> + * time is 4 cycles.
>> + */
>> + if (spi->word_wait_ns) {
>> + clk_ns = DIV_ROUND_UP(1000000000, tfr->speed_hz);
> You should use the actual rate of the clock returned by clk_get_rate
> (or probably just use mclk_rate).
> The clock driver might round the frequency to something else than what
> was set in clk_set_rate, which would make your calculation here a bit
> off.

Yes, good point! And as the wait clock counter is based on the actual
SPI_CLK and not the mod clock, I need to calculate the exact clock
myself before handling the wait clock setting. Will amend the patch
and send a new version.

While looking into this, I also noticed a problem with a previous
patch of mine, which changed the spi-sun[46]i to use
transfer->speed_hz instead of the spi->max_speed_hz: I also changed
the mclk_rate calculation to be based on tfr->speed_hz, which should
have stayed with spi->max_speed_hz. In the current state, the clock
calculations only ever increase mclk_rate, wich leads to very
different clocks being set depending on which clock was used on the
previous transfer. Will send a fix for that as well in a separate



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