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SubjectRe: IO errors after "block: remove bio get nr vec s()"
On 2015-12-21 04:42, Kent Overstreet wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 04:25:12AM +0500, Artem S. Tashkinov wrote:
>> On 2015-12-20 23:18, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>> >On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 09:51:14AM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>> >>Kent, Jens, Christoph et al,
>> >> please see this bugzilla:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>where Artem Tashkinov bisected his problems with 4.3 down to commit
>> >>b54ffb73cadc ("block: remove bio_get_nr_vecs()") that you've all
>> >>signed off on.
>> >
>> >Artem,
>> >
>> >can you re-check the commits around this series again? I would be
>> >extremtly surprised if it's really this particular commit and not
>> >one just before it causing the problem - it just allocates bios
>> >to the biggest possible instead of only allocating up to what
>> >bio_add_page would accept.
>> I'm positive about this particular commit. Of course, it might be
>> another
>> GCC 4.7.4 miscompilation which causes the errors which shouldn't be
>> there
>> but
>> I'm not an expert, so.
> I believe you on the commit, and I doubt this has anything to do with
> gcc - the
> errors you're getting are exactly what you normally get when you send
> the device
> an sglist to dma to/from that it doesn't like.
> The queue limits stuff is annoyingly fragile, you'd think we'd be able
> to check
> directly in the driver that the stuff we're sending the device is sane
> but we
> don't.
> If I came up with a debug patch could you try it out? I don't have any
> ideas for
> one yet, but if someone who knows the ATA code doesn't jump in I'll
> call up
> Tejun and make him walk me through it.

No problem, I just hope that this particular access mode (and you debug
patch) won't decrease the lifespan of my HDD. Seagate HDDs have been
very fragile (read atrociously unreliable) for the past five years.

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