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SubjectRe: IO errors after "block: remove bio get nr vec s()"
On 2015-12-20 23:41, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 10:18 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>> Artem,
>> can you re-check the commits around this series again? I would be
>> extremtly surprised if it's really this particular commit and not
>> one just before it causing the problem - it just allocates bios
>> to the biggest possible instead of only allocating up to what
>> bio_add_page would accept.
> Judging by Artem's bisect log, the last commit he tested before the
> bad one was the commit before: commit 6cf66b4caf9c ("fs: use helper
> bio_add_page() instead of open coding on bi_io_vec") and he marked
> that one good.
> Sadly, without CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO, there's no way to match up
> the dmesg files (in the same bisection tar-file as the bisection log)
> with the actual versions. Also, Artem's bisect.log isn't actually the
> .git/BISECT_LOG file that contains the full information about what was
> marked good and bad, so it's a bit hard to read (ie I can tell that
> Artem had to mark commit 6cf66b4caf9c as "good" not because his log
> says so, but because that explains the next commit to be tested).
> Of course, it's fairly easy to make a mistake while bisecting (just
> doing a thinko), but usually bisection miistakes end up causing you to
> go into some "all good" or "all bad" region of commits, and the fact
> that Artem seems to have marked the previous commit good and the final
> commit bad does seem to imply the bisection was successful.
> But yes, it is always nice to double-check the bisection results. The
> best way to do it is generally to try to revert the bad commit and
> verify that things work after that, but that commit doesn't revert
> cleanly on top of 4.3 due to other changes.
> Attached is a *COMPLETELY*UNTESTED* revertish patch for 4.3. It's
> basically a revert of b54ffb73cadc, but with a few fixups to make the
> revert work on top of 4.3.
> So Artem, if you can test whether 4.3 works with that revert, and/or
> double-check booting that b54ffb73cadc again (to verify that it's
> really bad), and its parent (to double-check that it's really good),
> that would be a good way to verify that yes, it is really that *one*
> commit that breaks things for you.

After reverting (applying) this patch on top of 4.3.3 everything is back
to normal. It's indeed a guilty commit.

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