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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] platform/x86: Add Intel Galileo platform specific setup
On 09/01/15 11:17, Bryan O'Donoghue wrote:
>> So this will load on any Quark device, Galileo or not, that doesn't
>> provide a
>> system_id. Is there any reason we need to support 0.8.0 and earlier
>> firmware?
> Every Galileo Gen1 device ships with firmware version 0.7.5. You can do
> an EFI capsule update to 0.8.0 which still isn't DMI-enabled - or you
> can go and get a firmware greater than 0.9.0 and get DMI strings.

I should add to that. Hundreds of the Gen1 devices were given away @
MakerFaire Rome 2013, and AFAIK thousands were given to universities. So
there's probably a few thousands boards floating around with the 0.7.5
firmware that we want to support.

Like I say - I think the fall-back is the simplest option and is also
safe. I can add in the old way of identifying the boards and we can
review it for appropriateness. I didn't include that old method for the
fallback because it involves mapping SPI flash and parsing custom
headers but - it works - even if it is ugly.


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