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Subject[ANNOUNCE] scsi patch queue tree updated
I've pushed out new version of the for-3.17 core and drivers trees:

git:// core-for-3.17
git:// drivers-for-3.17

In the core tree the biggest news is the old target infrastructure
removal, in addition a few warnings due to 64-bit LUNs have been fixed,
and the tree has been rebased to 3.16-rc4 to pick up all updates that
went into the Linux 3.16 release candidates.

The drivers-for-3.17 tree is new, and I should have picked up all
properly reviewed patches.

Most notably missing from the drivers tree are the mpt2sas and mpt3sas
series and the scsi_debug update which need a review, and the megaraid
and pm8001 uptdates which need a resend. Missing from the core tree
is the scsi-mq work that still needs a proper review.

Also notably absent is the flush error handling fix, which still needs a
signoff from James and a proper review. As far as I'm concerned that
fix should still go into 3.16.

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