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    SubjectRe: [PATCH with Coccinelle?] Deletion of unnecessary checks before specific function calls
    > If you are convinced that dropping the null tests is a good idea, then you 
    > can submit the patch that makes the change to the relevant maintainers and
    > mailing lists.


    A couple of functions perform input parameter validation before their
    implementations will try further actions with side effects. Some calling
    functions perform similar safety checks.

    Functions which release a system resource are often documented in the way that
    they tolerate the passing of a null pointer for example. I do not see a need
    because of this fact that a function caller repeats a corresponding check.

    Now I would like to propose such a change again.

    1. Extension of the infrastructure for the analysis tool "coccicheck"
    Semantic patch patterns can help to identify update candidates also in the
    Linux source file hierarchy.

    2. Clarification for some automated update suggestions
    My source code search approach found seventy functions at least which might
    need another review and corresponding corrections for Linux 3.14-rc5. Further
    software development will point out even more potentially open issues.


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