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Subjectlinux-next: Tree for Dec 31
Hi all,

There will only be intermittent releases of linux-next between now and
Jan 5.

Changes since 20141226:

New trees: wireless-drivers, wireless-drivers-next

The rcu tree still had its build failure for which I reverted a commit.

Non-merge commits (relative to Linus' tree): 842
900 files changed, 26249 insertions(+), 14327 deletions(-)


I have created today's linux-next tree at
(patches at ). If you
are tracking the linux-next tree using git, you should not use "git pull"
to do so as that will try to merge the new linux-next release with the
old one. You should use "git fetch" and checkout or reset to the new

You can see which trees have been included by looking in the Next/Trees
file in the source. There are also quilt-import.log and merge.log files
in the Next directory. Between each merge, the tree was built with
a ppc64_defconfig for powerpc and an allmodconfig for x86_64 and a
multi_v7_defconfig for arm. After the final fixups (if any), it is also
built with powerpc allnoconfig (32 and 64 bit), ppc44x_defconfig and
allyesconfig (this fails its final link) and i386, sparc, sparc64 and arm

Below is a summary of the state of the merge.

I am currently merging 236 trees (counting Linus' and 32 trees of patches
pending for Linus' tree).

Stats about the size of the tree over time can be seen at .

Status of my local build tests will be at . If maintainers want to give
advice about cross compilers/configs that work, we are always open to add
more builds.

Thanks to Randy Dunlap for doing many randconfig builds. And to Paul
Gortmaker for triage and bug fixes.

Stephen Rothwell

$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard stable
Merging origin/master (2c90331cf5ed Merge git://
Merging fixes/master (b94d525e58dc Merge git://
Merging kbuild-current/rc-fixes (f114040e3ea6 Linux 3.18-rc1)
Merging arc-current/for-curr (2ce7598c9a45 Linux 3.17-rc4)
Merging arm-current/fixes (3f4aa45ceea5 ARM: 8226/1: cacheflush: get rid of restarting block)
Merging m68k-current/for-linus (f0b99a643e96 m68k/mm: Eliminate memset after alloc_bootmem_pages)
Merging metag-fixes/fixes (ffe6902b66aa asm-generic: remove _STK_LIM_MAX)
Merging mips-fixes/mips-fixes (1795cd9b3a91 Linux 3.16-rc5)
Merging powerpc-merge/merge (31345e1a071e powerpc/pci: Remove unused force_32bit_msi quirk)
Merging powerpc-merge-mpe/fixes (1be6f10f6f9c Revert "powerpc: Secondary CPUs must set cpu_callin_map after setting active and online")
Merging sparc/master (66d0f7ec9f10 sparc32: destroy_context() and switch_mm() needs to disable interrupts.)
Merging net/master (2c90331cf5ed Merge git://
Merging ipsec/master (f855691975bb xfrm6: Fix the nexthdr offset in _decode_session6.)
Merging sound-current/for-linus (62f64a880af2 ALSA: pcm: Fix kerneldoc for params_*() functions)
Merging pci-current/for-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging wireless/master (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging wireless-drivers/master (eb46e2215fc6 Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git://
Merging driver-core.current/driver-core-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging tty.current/tty-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging usb.current/usb-linus (b3ee8bdcd243 Merge tag 'fixes-for-v3.19-rc2' of git:// into usb-linus)
Merging usb-gadget-fixes/fixes (6785a1034461 usb: gadget: udc: atmel: fix possible IN hang issue)
Merging usb-serial-fixes/usb-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging staging.current/staging-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging char-misc.current/char-misc-linus (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging input-current/for-linus (cceeb872d60f Input: hil_kbd - fix incorrect use of init_completion)
Merging md-current/for-linus (d47648fcf061 raid5: avoid finding "discard" stripe)
Merging crypto-current/master (7e77bdebff5c crypto: af_alg - fix backlog handling)
Merging ide/master (f96fe225677b Merge git://
Merging dwmw2/master (5950f0803ca9 pcmcia: remove RPX board stuff)
Merging devicetree-current/devicetree/merge (094cb98179f1 of/fdt: memblock_reserve /memreserve/ regions in the case of partial overlap)
Merging rr-fixes/fixes (3438cf549d2f param: fix crash on bad kernel arguments)
Merging vfio-fixes/for-linus (239a87020b26 Merge branch 'for-joerg/arm-smmu/fixes' of git:// into for-linus)
Merging kselftest-fixes/fixes (6898b627aab6 selftests/exec: Use %zu to format size_t)
Merging drm-intel-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (f465245df911 drm/i915: vlv: sanitize RPS interrupt mask during GPU idling)
Merging asm-generic/master (cb61f6769b88 ARM64: use GENERIC_PCI_IOMAP)
Merging arc/for-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging arm/for-next (e9f2d6d66037 Merge branch 'devel-stable' into for-next)
Merging arm-perf/for-next/perf (cac7f2429872 Linux 3.18-rc2)
Merging arm-soc/for-next (d6ad36913083 clocksource: arch_timer: Only use the virtual counter (CNTVCT) on arm64)
Merging bcm2835/for-next (b2776bf7149b Linux 3.18)
Merging berlin/berlin/for-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging cortex-m/for-next (e799b6f37e6c ARM: zImage: add support for ARMv7-M)
Merging ep93xx/ep93xx-for-next (bfb0709fd17b Merge branch 'ep93xx-fixes' into ep93xx-for-next)
Merging imx-mxs/for-next (8a73e870fc56 Merge tag 'imx-dt-3.19' into for-next)
Merging ixp4xx/next (19f949f52599 Linux 3.8)
Merging keystone/next (b17275a4a6cc Merge branch 'for_3.19/soc' into next)
Merging msm/for-next (81cf1e061d00 ARM: msm: Rename msm devicetrees to have standard 'qcom' prefix)
Merging mvebu/for-next (10fbc6c4d046 Merge branch 'mvebu/dt' into mvebu/for-next)
Merging renesas/next (b85311046cea Merge branch 'heads/dt-for-v3.20' into next)
Merging samsung/for-next (1eeec807bf64 Merge branch 'v3.20-next/dt-samsung-64' into for-next)
Merging sunxi/sunxi/for-next (ad01dbad5626 Merge branch 'sunxi/clocks-for-3.19' into sunxi/for-next)
Merging tegra/for-next (fa047e01365d Merge branch for-3.19/soc into for-next)
Merging arm64/for-next/core (fb59d007a0e4 arm64: mm: dump: don't skip final region)
Merging blackfin/for-linus (275f5a8573e7 blackfin: defconfigs: cleanup unused CONFIG_MTD_CHAR, add MTD_SPI_NOR for BF537-STAMP)
Merging c6x/for-linux-next (ae72758f1dd9 c6x: fix build failure caused by cache.h)
Merging cris/for-next (21bd887cd7c4 CRISv32: Remove last remnants of ETRAX_SPI_MMC_BOARD)
Merging hexagon/linux-next (8914d7e85780 Hexagon: fix signal delivery for debug traps)
Merging ia64/next (0fd2468fd035 Merge branch 'misc-3.19' into next)
Merging m68k/for-next (f0b99a643e96 m68k/mm: Eliminate memset after alloc_bootmem_pages)
Merging m68knommu/for-next (afdc830bf9ce m68knommu: fix irq handler types in 68360/commproc.c)
Merging metag/for-next (f93125ae17d1 metag: cachepart: Fix failure check)
Merging microblaze/next (3a8e3265179b microblaze: Fix mmap for cache coherent memory)
Merging mips/mips-for-linux-next (28320df4899b Merge branch '3.19-fixes' into mips-for-linux-next)
Merging nios2/nios2-next (f1f2eac9124b nios2/uaccess: fix sparse errors)
Merging openrisc/for-upstream (548dafe880ad openrisc: Use get_signal() signal_setup_done())
Merging parisc/for-next (6c700d71f7fa [PARISC] hpux: Remove obsolete regs parameter from do_execve() in hpux_execve())
Merging parisc-hd/for-next (b2776bf7149b Linux 3.18)
Merging powerpc/next (d557b09800da powerpc/mm/thp: Use tlbiel if possible)
Merging powerpc-mpe/next (d70a54e2d085 powerpc/powernv: Ignore smt-enabled on Power8 and later)
Merging fsl/next (76f3e2929bb6 powerpc/config: Enable memory driver)
Merging mpc5xxx/next (9e813308a5c1 powerpc/thp: Add tracepoints to track hugepage invalidate)
Merging s390/features (fa0d0b064d55 s390/signal: add sys_sigreturn and sys_rt_sigreturn declarations)
Merging sparc-next/master (9f935675d41a Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merging tile/master (c47b15c4928c arch/tile: update MAINTAINERS email to EZchip)
Merging uml/next (989e59fa41c5 um: Include generic barrier.h)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/um/include/asm/Kbuild
Merging unicore32/unicore32 (d670878e2c9a unicore32: Remove ARCH_HAS_CPUFREQ config option)
Merging xtensa/for_next (1f2fdbd0078c xtensa: disable link optimization)
Merging btrfs/next (1edb647bb954 Btrfs: remove non-sense btrfs_error_discard_extent() function)
Merging ceph/master (388cfdc9bc19 libceph: require cephx message signature by default)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in net/ceph/auth_x.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ceph/super.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ceph/super.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ceph/snap.c
Merging cifs/for-next (0891605dd763 Initialize salt value for negotiate context)
Merging configfs/linux-next (b930c26416c4 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merging ecryptfs/next (942080643bce eCryptfs: Remove buggy and unnecessary write in file name decode routine)
Merging ext3/for_next (3ee3039c5b4d udf: Reduce repeated dereferences)
Merging ext4/dev (50db71abc529 ext4: ext4_da_convert_inline_data_to_extent drop locked page after error)
Merging f2fs/dev (987b52e65709 f2fs: reuse inode_entry_slab in gc procedure for using slab more effectively)
Merging fscache/fscache (1a8ed18fb7db cachefiles: remove two unused pagevecs.)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/fscache/object.c
Merging fuse/for-next (1c68271cf1bf fuse: use file_inode() in fuse_file_fallocate())
Merging gfs2/master (ec7d879c4576 GFS2: gfs2_atomic_open(): simplify the use of finish_no_open())
Merging jfs/jfs-next (e1f1fe798d2f jfs: get rid of homegrown endianness helpers)
Merging logfs/master (339466142b3f Fix the call to BUG() caused by no free segment found)
Merging nfs/linux-next (b7392d2247cf Linux 3.19-rc2)
Merging nfsd/nfsd-next (3c0aeb6da065 nfsd: fi_delegees doesn't need to be an atomic_t)
Merging omfs/for-next (976d167615b6 Linux 3.1-rc9)
Merging overlayfs/overlayfs-next (2b7a8f36f092 ovl: add testsuite to docs)
Merging squashfs/master (62421645bb70 Squashfs: Add LZ4 compression configuration option)
Merging v9fs/for-next (f15844e0777f 9P: fix return value in v9fs_fid_xattr_set)
Merging ubifs/linux-next (f38aed975c0c UBI: Fix invalid vfree())
Merging xfs/for-next (efdca7aa3c41 Merge branch 'xfs-misc-fixes-for-3.20-1' into for-next)
Merging file-locks/linux-next (1b2b32dcdb3d locks: fix fcntl_setlease/getlease return when !CONFIG_FILE_LOCKING)
Merging vfs/for-next (88174fd2c8fb kill d_validate())
Merging pci/next (75f30c3d9949 Merge branches 'pci/host-keystone', 'pci/host-layerscape', 'pci/host-rcar' and 'pci/host-tegra' into next)
Merging hid/for-next (3bc80f8b09bd Merge branch 'for-3.20/betop' into for-next)
Merging i2c/i2c/for-next (523c5b89640e i2c: Remove support for legacy PM)
Merging jdelvare-hwmon/master (ae530d4403e9 hwmon: (i5500_temp) Convert to use ATTRIBUTE_GROUPS macro)
Merging hwmon-staging/hwmon-next (907a6d582459 hwmon: (tmp401) Detect TMP435 on all addresses it supports)
Merging v4l-dvb/master (2ea3258b238c Merge branch 'patchwork' into to_next)
Merging kbuild/for-next (657eeca39128 Merge branch 'kbuild/misc' into kbuild/for-next)
Merging kconfig/for-next (95edca5c523c localmodconfig: Add config depends by default settings)
Merging libata/for-next (d325a876e2b3 Merge branch 'for-3.18-fixes' into for-next)
Merging pm/linux-next (8502544af41e Merge branch 'acpi-video')
Merging idle/next (f7c0e22f2d14 Merge branch 'turbostat' into release)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/x86/include/uapi/asm/msr-index.h
Merging apm/for-next (53675abbd1e5 x86, apm: Remove unused variable)
Merging cpupowerutils/master (f16603386b38 cpupower tools: add install target to the debug tools' makefiles)
Merging thermal/next (7429b1e0d00e Merge branches 'thermal-core', 'thermal-soc' and 'thermal-int340x' of .git into next)
Merging thermal-soc/next (d8c3cd75e77d Merge branch 'work-fixes' into work-next)
Merging ieee1394/for-next (d737d7da8e7e firewire: sbp2: replace card lock by target lock)
Merging dlm/next (2ab4bd8ea3a6 dlm: adopt orphan locks)
Merging swiotlb/linux-next (8e0629c1d4ce swiotlb: don't assume PA 0 is invalid)
Merging slave-dma/next (3e8ec65e62df Merge branch 'topic/rcar' into next)
Merging net-next/master (f96fe225677b Merge git://
Merging ipsec-next/master (fbe68ee87522 vti6: Add a lookup method for tunnels with wildcard endpoints.)
Merging wireless-next/master (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging wireless-drivers-next/master (354f473ee2c5 ath9k: fix typo)
Merging bluetooth/master (e64b4fb66cc4 Bluetooth: Add timing information to ECDH test case runs)
Merging infiniband/for-next (a7cfef21e3d0 Merge branches 'core', 'cxgb4', 'ipoib', 'iser', 'mlx4', 'ocrdma', 'odp' and 'srp' into for-next)
Merging mtd/master (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging l2-mtd/master (ed0215cc3b52 mtd: gpmi: Remove "We support only one NAND chip" from bindings doc)
Merging crypto/master (ad202c8c1563 crypto: af_alg - zeroize key data)
Merging drm/drm-next (4e0cd6811562 drm: sti: fix module compilation issue)
Merging drm-panel/drm/panel/for-next (54cbc4e298ea drm/mipi-dsi: Avoid potential NULL pointer dereference)
Merging drm-intel/for-linux-next (5d77d9c5e177 drm/i915: add missing rpm ref to i915_gem_pwrite_ioctl)
Merging drm-tegra/drm/tegra/for-next (7e0180e3570c drm/tegra: gem: Check before freeing CMA memory)
Merging drm-misc/topic/core-stuff (6cadd306033e drm/fb-helper: Propagate errors from initial config failure)
Merging sound/for-next (240491e14341 Merge branch 'topic/pcm-params' into for-next)
Merging sound-asoc/for-next (e0495d6d6aee Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/topic/mxs-saif' into asoc-next)
Merging modules/modules-next (b0a65b0cccd4 param: do not set store func without write perm)
Merging virtio/virtio-next (c91c2a63913b mic/host: initial virtio 1.0 support)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/virtio/virtio_pci_common.c
Merging input/next (aa104b1aaaa3 Input: synaptics - remove duplicated code)
Merging input-mt/for-next (5e01dc7b26d9 Linux 3.12)
Merging block/for-next (e248d2ba0082 Merge branch 'for-3.19/drivers' into for-next)
Merging device-mapper/for-next (af66c8489d6d dm table: train hybrid target type detection to select blk-mq if appropriate)
Merging embedded/master (4744b43431e8 embedded: fix vc_translate operator precedence)
Merging firmware/master (6e03a201bbe8 firmware: speed up request_firmware(), v3)
Merging pcmcia/master (80af9e6d7ae6 pcmcia at91_cf: fix raw gpio number usage)
Merging mmc/mmc-next (11bc9381b277 mmc: sdhci-s3c: use mmc_of_parse and remove the card_tasklet)
Merging mmc-uh/next (099d20dbde24 mmc: sdhci: use pipeline mmc requests to improve performance)
Merging kgdb/kgdb-next (0f16996cf2ed kernel/debug/debug_core.c: Logging clean-up)
Merging uclinux/for-next (6dbe51c251a3 Linux 3.9-rc1)
Merging md/for-next (f851b60db0fd md: Check MD_RECOVERY_RUNNING as well as ->sync_thread.)
Merging mfd/for-mfd-next (a3b63979f8a3 mfd: rtsx: Add func to split u32 into register)
Merging backlight/for-backlight-next (3d6969a641d0 MAINTAINERS: Remove my name from Backlight subsystem)
Merging battery/master (02088e3ed79f power: reset: augment versatile driver for integrator)
Merging fbdev/for-next (718b90ac4c21 video: xilinxfb: Simplify error path)
Merging viafb/viafb-next (838ac785d521 viafb: avoid refresh and mode lookup in set_par)
Merging omap_dss2/for-next (574d54112fda Merge branches '3.19/omapdss' and '3.19/simplefb' into for-next)
Merging regulator/for-next (70f56625cae8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'regulator/topic/rt5033' into regulator-next)
Merging security/next (b2d1965dcea1 Merge branch 'next' of git:// into next)
Merging integrity/next (63a0eb7891bd ima: Fix build failure on powerpc when TCG_IBMVTPM dependencies are not met)
Merging selinux/next (566075875a84 selinux: Remove unused function avc_sidcmp())
Merging lblnet/next (d8ec26d7f828 Linux 3.13)
Merging watchdog/master (e0c3e00f4045 watchdog: drop owner assignment from platform_drivers)
Merging iommu/next (76771c938e95 Merge branches 'arm/omap', 'arm/msm', 'arm/rockchip', 'arm/renesas', 'arm/smmu', 'x86/vt-d', 'x86/amd' and 'core' into next)
Merging dwmw2-iommu/master (1860e379875d Linux 3.15)
Merging vfio/next (5e9f36c59a48 drivers/vfio: allow type-1 IOMMU instantiation on top of an ARM SMMU)
Merging osd/linux-next (1fa3a002b254 Boaz Harrosh - fix email in Documentation)
Merging jc_docs/docs-next (174236285cf8 Merge branch 'doc/sp-update' into docs-next)
Merging trivial/for-next (078014dd3698 intel_ips: fix a type in error message)
Merging audit/next (0f7e94ee40d0 Merge branch 'next' into upstream for v3.19)
Merging fsnotify/for-next (1ca39ab9d21a inotify: automatically restart syscalls)
Merging devicetree/devicetree/next (c46ca3c8310b of: Delete unnecessary check before calling "of_node_put()")
Merging dt-rh/for-next (a0e27f51ba8a documentation: pinctrl bindings: Fix trivial typo 'abitrary')
Merging mailbox/mailbox-for-next (9f3e3cacb2ff dt: mailbox: add generic bindings)
Merging spi/for-next (a8eb27814016 Merge remote-tracking branch 'spi/topic/st-ssc' into spi-next)
Merging tip/auto-latest (caa523dc2242 Merge branch 'x86/urgent')
Merging clockevents/clockevents/next (b0ad5917960c ARM/ARM64: arch-timer: fix arch_timer_probed logic)
Merging edac/linux_next (fec53af531dd sb_edac: Fix typo computing number of banks)
Merging edac-amd/for-next (8c2b117fdf00 EDAC, mce_amd_inj: Fix sparse non static symbol warning)
Merging irqchip/irqchip/for-next (5cc8f658723f Merge branch 'irqchip/irqdomain-arm' into irqchip/for-next)
Merging tiny/tiny/next (f114040e3ea6 Linux 3.18-rc1)
Merging ftrace/for-next (d716ff71dd12 tracing: Remove taking of trace_types_lock in pipe files)
Merging rcu/rcu/next (e9694e74a5bf rcu: Initialize tiny RCU stall-warning timeouts at boot)
$ git am -3 ../patches/0001-Revert-srcu-Isolate-srcu-sections-using-CONFIG_SRCU.patch
Applying: Revert "srcu: Isolate srcu sections using CONFIG_SRCU"
Merging uprobes/for-next (0326f5a94dde uprobes/core: Handle breakpoint and singlestep exceptions)
Merging kvm/linux-next (2c4aa55a6af0 Merge tag 'signed-kvm-ppc-next' of git:// into HEAD)
Merging kvm-arm/next (05971120fca4 arm/arm64: KVM: Require in-kernel vgic for the arch timers)
Merging kvm-ppc/kvm-ppc-next (476ce5ef09b2 KVM: PPC: Book3S: Enable in-kernel XICS emulation by default)
Merging oprofile/for-next (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging fw-nohz/nohz/next (74876a98a87a printk: Wake up klogd using irq_work)
Merging xen-tip/linux-next (2e917175e1ef xen: Speed up set_phys_to_machine() by using read-only mappings)
Merging percpu/for-next (bfaa047a9415 Merge branch 'for-3.18-fixes' into for-next)
Merging workqueues/for-next (008847f66c38 workqueue: allow rescuer thread to do more work.)
Merging drivers-x86/for-next (200db647112d platform/x86/acerhdf: Still depends on THERMAL)
Merging chrome-platform/for-next (5502486a2077 platform/chrome: chromeos_laptop - Add a limit for deferred retries)
Merging sysctl/master (4e474a00d7ff sysctl: protect poll() in entries that may go away)
Merging regmap/for-next (270ded427d7b Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/topic/core' into regmap-next)
Merging hsi/for-next (d95dc9e38810 HSI: nokia-modem: fix error handling of irq_of_parse_and_map)
Merging leds/for-next (d5a570782795 leds: Don't allow brightness values greater than max_brightness)
Merging ipmi/for-next (1421c935df15 ipmi: Fix compile warning with tv_usec)
Merging driver-core/driver-core-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging tty/tty-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging usb/usb-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging usb-gadget/next (ebf3992061db usb: musb: Use IS_ENABLED for tusb6010)
Merging usb-serial/usb-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging staging/staging-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging char-misc/char-misc-next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging cgroup/for-next (eeecbd197151 cgroup: implement cgroup_get_e_css())
Merging scsi/for-next (6bf850aa7ff6 Merge branch 'fixes' into for-next)
Merging target-updates/for-next (ae450e246e85 target: Allow AllRegistrants to re-RESERVE existing reservation)
Merging target-merge/for-next-merge (b28a960c42fc Linux 3.14-rc2)
Merging writeback/writeback-for-next (f9b0e058cbd0 writeback: Fix data corruption on NFS)
Merging hwspinlock/linux-next (8b37fcfc9b34 hwspinlock: add MAINTAINERS entries)
Merging pinctrl/for-next (96dfdff694ae pinctrl: rockchip: Fix enable/disable/mask/unmask)
Merging vhost/linux-next (5d9a07b0de51 vhost: relax used address alignment)
Merging remoteproc/for-next (9a3c4145af32 Linux 3.16-rc6)
Merging rpmsg/for-next (b1b9891441fa rpmsg: use less buffers when vrings are small)
Merging gpio/for-next (170680abd1eb gpio: mcp23s08: fix up compilation error)
Merging dma-mapping/dma-mapping-next (dda02fd6278d mm, cma: make parameters order consistent in func declaration and definition)
Merging pwm/for-next (39e046f2c1dd pwm: atmel-hlcdc: add at91sam9x5 and sama5d3 errata handling)
Merging dma-buf/for-next (101e31050bf1 dma-buf/fence: Fix one more kerneldoc warning)
Merging userns/for-next (db86da7cb76f userns: Unbreak the unprivileged remount tests)
Merging ktest/for-next (17150fef4ab1 ktest: Add back "tail -1" to kernelrelease make)
Merging signal/for-next (20b4fb485227 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merging clk/clk-next (f1e9203e2366 clk: samsung: Fix Exynos 5420 pinctrl setup and clock disable failure due to domain being gated)
Merging random/dev (7185ad2672a7 crypto: memzero_explicit - make sure to clear out sensitive data)
Merging lzo-update/lzo-update (42b775abafaf lib/lzo: huge LZO decompression speedup on ARM by using unaligned access)
Merging aio/master (5f785de58873 aio: Skip timer for io_getevents if timeout=0)
Merging llvmlinux/for-next (25d4aee23af2 arm: LLVMLinux: Use global stack register variable for percpu)
Merging documentation/for-next (0415447aa3b4 Documentation: fix broken v4l-utils URL)
Merging kselftest/next (97bf6af1f928 Linux 3.19-rc1)
Merging y2038/y2038 (45446a99cef6 staging: media: lirc: Replace timeval with ktime_t in lirc_parallel.c)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/staging/media/lirc/lirc_sasem.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/staging/ft1000/ft1000-usb/ft1000_debug.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/staging/ft1000/ft1000-pcmcia/ft1000_hw.c
Merging luto-misc/next (e589c9e13aeb Merge branch 'x86-apic-for-linus' of git://
Merging access_once/linux-next (5de72a2247ac s390/kvm: REPLACE barrier fixup with READ_ONCE)
Merging omap/for-next (b2776bf7149b Linux 3.18)
Merging omap-pending/for-next (b2776bf7149b Linux 3.18)
Merging livepatching/for-next (700a3048aaa3 livepatch: samples: fix usage example comments)
Merging akpm-current/current (350b61c87ab5 metag: Align thread_info::supervisor_stack)
CONFLICT (modify/delete): mm/fremap.c deleted in akpm-current/current and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of mm/fremap.c left in tree.
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ocfs2/aops.c
$ git rm -f mm/fremap.c
$ git checkout -b akpm remotes/origin/akpm/master
Applying: drivers/gpio/gpio-zevio.c: fix build
Applying: drivers/w1/w1_int.c: call put_device if device_register fails
Applying: mm: add strictlimit knob
Merging akpm/master (d59128d143da mm: add strictlimit knob)
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