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SubjectRe: Question about FIXME in au1xxx-ide.c
From: nick <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 12:31:04 -0500

> Greetings David,
> I am wondering about the fix me in the file,au1xxx-ide.c for
> the function,auide_ddma_init. While it's obvious to check the
> return code of the function called below the FIXME comment,it
> seems to be that there is more to this issue and therefore I
> have a few questions. The first being can this device fail and
> the system will function properly? The second question being don't
> we need to remove the device if the allocation fails in the creation
> of the data structures for it's use by the kernel as otherwise aren't
> we leaking memory?

I have no idea why the FIXME comment is there, I didn't write this
driver nor have I ever made any changes to it.

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