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Subjectcomedi: checkpatch errors/warnings
The following patch-series will fix checkpatch errors and warnings
which are caused by false spacing and missing blank lines.

It will fix those errors/warnings in drivers/staging/comedi/ and all its
subdirectories. The fixed errors/warnings are:
WARNING: Missing a blank line after declarations 5 times
ERROR: trailing whitespace once
ERROR: space prohibited before that ',' (ctx:WxW) once
WARNING: please, no space before tabs 8 times
ERROR: code indent should use tabs where possible 44 times

After applying the series the following checkpatch errors/warnings will remain
in files in drivers/staging/comedi/ and its subdirectories:
WARNING: line over 80 characters
WARNING: quoted string split across lines
WARNING: break quoted strings at a space character
WARNING: memory barrier without comment
WARNING: suspect code indent for conditional statements (x, y)
WARNING: Use of volatile is usually wrong

Signed-off-by: Andreas Siegling <>
Signed-off-by: Zhutao Lu <>

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