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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix handling of wait_for_completion_timeout result
[ Not sure which persons and MLs you CCed - I am reading LKML offline ]


your patch needs some refreshing...

First your Subject... add a subject-prefix like...

$ git format-patch --subject-prefix="next-20141226"

[ The subject-prefix won't be seen if you push out the commit, but is
good for people to see very quickly against WTF-tree you did your
fixing. ]

Your label...

Check the log in [1] to path/to/file2change, this will tell it to you...

$ git log --oneline drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-imx.c

So your label should be better...

i2c: imx: fix handling of wait_for_completion_timeout result

Seems to be a quick hack :-), some typos in your commit-message...

"wati_for_completion_timeout does not return negative values so
"result" handlin here should be simplified to cover the actually
possible cases only."


Hope this encourages you to do a v2.
Have more fun!

- Sedat -


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