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SubjectRe: v3.19-rc1 regression(?) on N900
On Wednesday 24 December 2014 23:57:38 Nishanth Menon wrote:
> based on automated testing with u-boot as a chained
> bootloader..
> v3.18: boots fine:
> s_defconfig/n900.txt
> v3.19-rc1: hung
> 2plus_defconfig/n900.txt
> in the interim, my farm had a bit of breakdown around the time
> of n900 breakdown..
> as per my last functional linux-next logs:
> omap2plus_defconfig/n900.txt -> hung.
> omap2plus_defconfig/n900.txt -> working.
> DEBUG_LL, CONFIG_DEBUG_OMAP3UART3=y and early_printk did not
> yield information either
> Note: I am using the combined uImage+dtb image.[2]
> I think this might just be my setup..(i use chained loader ->
> NOLO->u-boot->serial download->kernel) but anyways.. Since
> Pali thought others might be interested in sharing
> experience...
> [1]
> [2]
> b3f21ea484ee4b09a2e0c015de522417

CCing other people.

I see same problem in qemu with 3.19-rc1 kernel when doing DT
boot. In qemu I'm using direct booting from OneNAND (X-Loader -->
NOLO --> kernel) without U-Boot. After NOLO load & boot kernel I
do not see any other output from serial console. Also on qemu
screen there is no new output (just NOKIA logo from bootloader).

I do not have this problem when doing legacy/board code boot with
3.19-rc1 kernel, so this problem is related to DT.

Kernel 3.18-rc1 worked fine for both DT and legacy boot.

Can somebody look what broke DT booting?

Pali Rohár
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