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SubjectRe: Question about the function,ipmi_release in ipmi_devinf.c
On 12/21/2014 04:37 PM, nick wrote:
> Greetings Again Corney,
> Hope you are looking forward to the holidays. I am one question, about the function in my message.
> /* FIXME - free the messages in the list. */, is in this function I am wondering is this needed?
> Further more the only reason I can see for it is if we are to free the linked list of files or
> inodes passed to the function, otherwise it's invalid. Please let me known if should sent in
> a patch to remove it or add a for_each_through linked list call that deletes each file or inode
> in the list passed.

The recv_msgs list needs to be cleaned up in this case. Basically, just
call ipmi_free_recv_msg()
on every message in the list. A patch would be appreciated.



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