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SubjectRE: [v3 13/26] KVM: Define a new interface kvm_find_dest_vcpu() for VT-d PI
Paolo Bonzini wrote on 2014-12-23:
>> The problem is we still need to support PI with lowest priority
>> delivery mode
> even if guest does not configure irq affinity via /proc/irq/. Don't we?
> Yes, but we can get the basic support working first.
> I and Feng talked on irc and agreed to start with a simple
> implementation. Then he can add support for vector hashing for all
> interrupts, both vt-d pi and normal LAPIC interrupts.

Agree. Obviously, current PI has some limitations to achieve highest performance. We can start with a simple implementation but must ensure we don't change hardware's behavior(From guest's point). Feng's current implementation or use the way I suggested are both ok since both of them cannot solve the problem well.

> Paolo

Best regards,

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