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Subject[Notice] ACPI+PM core maintenance in vacation/travel mode through Jan 18, 2015
Hi All,

I'm officially on vacation through January 10, 2015 and I'll be attending after that, so there will be less activity in the linux-pm tree
in the following 4 weeks.

I have material for one more 3.19-rc pull request which is currently staged in
my linux-next branch. If you have sent any patches to me recently and they are
not there, they are not regarded as 3.19 material and most likely won't be
looked at till I'm back from the LCA.

And if you have something for me that is not a fix for a recent regression or
similar and can wait, please don't add to the backlog I'll have to process when
I'm back from the LCA and don't send it to me now if that's not a problem.

Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year to everyone!


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