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SubjectRe: fs: proc: gpf in find_entry
Sasha Levin <> writes:

> On 12/22/2014 12:52 PM, Andrey Ryabinin wrote:
>> 2014-12-22 18:51 GMT+03:00 Eric W. Biederman <>:
>>> These two instructions:
>>>>> 11: 4d 85 ff test %r15,%r15
>>>>> 14: 0f 84 de 01 00 00 je 0x1f8
>>> Should prevent a NULL %r15 value from ever reaching the trapping
>>> instruction.
>> If they were executed, then yes. But I think there was jump from somewhere
>> to the instructions below those two.
> There is indeed a jump direct to that point, which avoids the %r15
> check.

Where do you see that direct jump, that certainly has not been posted
in this thread?

There are certainly no such code paths I in the source code. There is
only one NULL pointer check in find_entry and it is executed every time
the loop executes.

So at this point all I know is some set of tools has totally destroyed
the code and made what Sasha Levin's is testing so far from the source
code that this is a useless bug report.

I have no reason to even suspect this bug is actually in the upstream

This appears to be a kind of testing that slows development and wastes
peoples time. Can someone give me a patch that sets the TAINTED flag
when KASAN is loaded?


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