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SubjectRe: [BUG] rtl8192se: panic accessing unmapped memory in skb
On 12/21/2014 05:47 PM, Eric Biggers wrote:
> Hi,
> To get your patched version to work at all I had to update
> _rtl_pci_init_rx_ring() to account for new return value of
> _rtl_pci_init_one_rxdesc(). I will let you know if anything shows up in the
> kernel log, but I expect this is a highly sporadic problem. The system has 4 GB
> of memory, and I used the 3.18 kernel for 10 days prior to the panic with no
> issues. The panic occurred while upgrading system packages, so it's possible
> jhat the system was experiencing memory pressure.
> I upgraded from 3.17 to 3.18 on Dec 8, so I've actually only had since then to
> notice any bugs that may have been introduced since 3.17.
> It does appear there were changes made to pci.c between 3.17 and 3.18. It
> appears the 3.17 code will drop the incoming packet if a new skb can't be
> allocated, whereas the 3.18 code assumes a new skb can always be allocated. The
> 3.17 behavior seems more logical to me. I don't know how either of these
> behaviors compare to other networking drivers, however.

Sorry about missing the necessary changes in the rest of the driver. That is
what I get for only compile testing.

I reviewed the 3.17 => 3.18 changes and found the difference in the logic that
you noticed, and I missed earlier. As a result, I need to push this change for
3.19 with the notation for updating of 3.18. You have probably received this
patch already. As it needs to be backported, I decided to forgo changing the
return value of _rtl_pci_init_one_rxdesc(). That change should be made, but
there is no emergency there.



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