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SubjectRE: [v3 13/26] KVM: Define a new interface kvm_find_dest_vcpu() for VT-d PI

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> From: Paolo Bonzini [] On Behalf Of Paolo
> Bonzini
> Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2014 9:17 PM
> To: Wu, Feng; Paolo Bonzini; Zhang, Yang Z; Thomas Gleixner; Ingo Molnar; H.
> Peter Anvin;; Gleb Natapov;;
>; Alex Williamson; Jiang Liu
> Cc:;; KVM list;
> Eric Auger
> Subject: Re: [v3 13/26] KVM: Define a new interface kvm_find_dest_vcpu() for
> VT-d PI
> On 20/12/2014 00:48, Wu, Feng wrote:
> > In my understanding, lowest priority interrupts are always delivered to a
> > Single CPU, we need to find the right destination CPU from the cpumask.
> Yes, but which CPU however differs every time the interrupt is
> delivered. So the emulation here is a bit poor. For now, please limit
> PI to fixed interrupts.

Do you mean we don't support Lowest priority interrupts? As I mentioned before,
Lowest priority interrupts is widely used in Linux, so I think supporting lowest priority
interrupts is very important for Linux guest OS. Do you have any ideas/suggestions about
how to support Lowest priority interrupts for PI? Thanks a lot!


> > Actually, we don't support posting broadcast/multicast interrupts, because
> > the interrupt is associated with one Posted-interrupts descriptor, then one
> > vCPU.
> Understood.
> Paolo

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