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SubjectRe: frequent lockups in 3.18rc4
On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 02:19:03PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > So the range of 1-251 seconds is not entirely random. It's all in
> > that "32-bit HPET range".
> DaveJ, I assume it's too late now, and you don't effectively have any
> access to the machine any more, but "hpet=disable" or "nohpet" on the
> command line might be worth trying if you ever see that piece of
> hardware again.

I can give it a try tomorrow. I'm probably saying goodbye to that
machine on Tuesday, so we'll have 24hrs of testing at least.

> And for posterity, do you have a dmidecode with motherboard/BIOS
> information for the problematic machine? And your configuration?

I can grab that in the morning too.

> And finally, and stupidly, is there any chance that you have anything
> accessing /dev/hpet?

Not knowingly at least, but who the hell knows what systemd has its
fingers in these days.


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