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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tools lib traceevent: Add support for IP address formats
On 12/18/14 3:13 PM, David Ahern wrote:
> Are you seeing something different?

I put a tracepoint in the ipv4/ipv6 add/del address code. The IPv4 one
prints the address using pi4 and pI4 and the IPv6 using pi6, pI6 and pI6c.

Using ifconfig eth1

I get this for trace_pipe which uses the in-kernel printf code:

root@localhost:/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events# cat ../trace_pipe
ifconfig-601 [000] .... 710.660611: ipv4_del_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig-602 [000] .... 720.833559: ipv4_add_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig-602 [000] .Ns. 720.833966: ipv6_add_addr:
pI6=fe80:0000:0000:0000:0002:02ff:fe02:0211 pI6c=fe80::2:2ff:fe02:211
ifconfig-602 [000] .... 720.835413: ipv4_del_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig-602 [000] .N.. 720.835451: ipv4_add_addr:
pI4= pi4=

And this using perf:
root@localhost:~# perf record -a -e ipv4:* -e ipv6:* --no-buffering |
perf --no-pager script

ifconfig 601 [000] 710.912862: ipv4:ipv4_del_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig 602 [000] 721.090776: ipv4:ipv4_add_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig 602 [000] 721.091177: ipv6:ipv6_add_addr:
pI6=fe80:0000:0000:0000:0002:02ff:fe02:0211 pI6c=fe80::2:2ff:fe02:211
ifconfig 602 [000] 721.092626: ipv4:ipv4_del_addr:
pI4= pi4=
ifconfig 602 [000] 721.092648: ipv4:ipv4_add_addr:
pI4= pi4=

(Don't be fooled by the differing timestamps; data collected from both
using the same exact command. timestamp differences are perf vs tracing.)

which suggest with the patch perf output matches tracing.


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