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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] fix some problems for cpufreq
    On Friday, November 28, 2014 10:43:37 AM Wang Weidong wrote:
    > Hi Rafael and Viresh
    > Sorry to trouble you again. As for:
    > "acpi-cpufreq: get the cur_freq from acpi_processor_performance states"
    > I do it again, and add the other patch.
    > patch #1: acpi-cpufreq: make the freq_table store the same freq value
    > I think it can work. The set of available states which come
    > from acpi won't change. Just like the power would be remove,
    > the acpi driver will do that:
    > call
    > ->acpi_processor_ppc_has_changed
    > ->cpufreq_update_policy
    > ->acpi_ppc_notifier_block.notifier_call
    > ->acpi_processor_ppc_notifier
    > ->cpufreq_verify_within_limits
    > The progress will change the policy's min_freq and max_freq
    > while it won't change the set of states(freq_tables).

    OK, so the above information needs to go into the changelog of patch [1/2].
    Also, please clarify the problem description in that changelog, it is very
    difficult to understand the way it is now.

    > patch #2: cpufreq: show the real avail freqs with the freq_table
    > when the min_freq and max_freq change, we should sync the availble
    > freqs.

    Why? Do any other cpufreq drivers do that?


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